Management House

Management House, the main support center

Service Hours: 7 am. to 9 pm. You can find the Front Desk, Spa and Dressing Room here. You need to come here to pick up your food, too. The rental of Kitchenware, wine glasses and other conveniences are available. We offer additional food and drink such as soft drinks, alcohols, sweets, snacks and cup noodles. You can also use the vending machines installed outside of the Management House.

Check-inCheck-in starts from 2 pm.
We ask the payment of accommodation charge in advance at the time of check-in.
We ask the payment of extra charges at the time of check-out.
Check-outCheck-out time is 10 am.
Food Pick-Up TimeDinner 5 pm. - 6 pm.
Breakfast 6:30 am. - 8 am.
Kitchenware & Conveniences Rental

In addition to kitchenware, we rent corkscrew, wineglasses for those who bought a bottle of wine, kid’s spoon and fork, outfit for cold weather, and umbrella. However, please note that our stock is limited. Contact us for the detail.

Spa (inside the Management House)

You can enjoy our 100% natural hot-spring bath

It is located inside the Management House
Spa Opening Hours

2 pm. - 11 pm.
Last Entry 10:30 pm.
5 am. - 9 pm.
Last Entry 8:30 am.
Dressing Room

Lockers in Dressing Room

Family Private Bath

You can enjoy our 100% natural hot-spring bath

It is located inside the Management House. Open Hours: 3 pm. – 10 pm. 1000JPY per family (for 50 mins). After the check-in, you can reserve your private bath. In case you accompany disabled persons or infants, and will need to use private bath out of necessity, we will accept your reservation in advance by phone.

The health benefits of hot spring baths

We have three hot spring sources. 195 liters of hot spring water per minute is welled up. The spring source temperature is 48℃. The spring quality is classified as a simple hot spring (hot spring with a hypotonic low alkaline level, a pH of 8.4). Disease which is susceptible to treatment: neuralgia, muscular pain, arthritis, frozen shoulder, chronic digestive disease, poor blood circulation, convalescent phase, etc. The effects of hot spring baths include recovery from fatigue and improved overall health.

  • We only have shampoo, conditioner, and body soap inside the bath. Please bring bath towel and other amenities from your tent or trailer.
  • Deeply drunk people are not allowed to use the Spa.
  • Tattooed people must use family private bath.
  • Many people use the Spa. Please refrain from monopolizing it for a long time.

Multipurpose toilet (inside the Management House)

Available for twenty-four hours
It is located inside the Management House.



In order to prevent injury, playing barefooted in the river is prohibited. Please do not take your eyes off the children.

Play equipment for children


7 pm. – 8 pm. (There are cases in which cancellations are made due to rain or strong wind) Please do not take your eyes off the children.

Neighboring Facility

At the direct sales store adjoined to the factory, you can see the production line of rusks enjoying a cup of free coffee and soft drink.

Parking Lot

We provide ONE free parking space PER ACCOMMODATION. Please park your car following the instruction of our staff. In case you need more than 2 parking spaces, please contact us in advance.