About reservation

Is there Cancellation Charge?

Our Cancellation Charge is as follows.

5 days prior to accommodation day3 days prior to accommodation day1 day prior to accommodation day/ accommodation dayNo show
Can I pay with the credit card?

Yes, you can. We accept VISA, MasterCard, American Express and JCB.

If a typhoon hits and I cannot make it to venue, will I be still charged the Cancellation Charge?

If we decided to close our accommodations due to bad weather (based upon the information provided by the national Meteorological Agency), no Cancellation Charge will be charged. In that case, we will immediately notify you through HP (updates), SNS, mail or phone call.

If I send my luggage prior to my arrival, can you keep it?

Yes, we keep your luggage. However, our space is limited. Do not send us a large quantity of luggage or foods that should be kept refrigerated or frozen.

If you are planning to send your luggage beforehand, please let us know when you make reservation. Later, put your accommodation date and your name (if the reservation was made by other person, please put the name with which the reservation was made) on the tag, and send us your luggage.

About the stay

How does glamping look like?

You have everything you need for meal and your stay. You just bring yourself and enjoy your camp.

Tell me check-in and check-out time.

Check-in starts from 2 pm. and you need to check out by 10 am.

What time is the lights-out?

Our lights-out time is 11 pm.

Can I bring some drinks or foods from outside of the venue?

You can. However, please note that we shall not be responsible for food poisoning caused by the ingredients that you brought from the outside.

And we do not rent our kitchenware for foods that you bring in.

Can I buy some foods or drinks inside the venue?

Yes, you can buy them at the Front Desk.

Click here to see detail.

Are there any parking lots?

Yes, we provide ONE free parking space PER ACCOMMODATION.

Can I park my car next to my accommodation to unload my luggage?

You cannot. You need to park your car in the designated lot. From the parking lot, you can use our cart to carry your luggage.

Do you have bath amenities?

Yes, we do.Click here to see detail.
We have shampoo, conditioner, and body soap inside the bath.

Can I check valuables?

No. We do not check valuables. Please leave valuables inside your accommodation and lock it.

This is my first glamping. What should I wear?

Both our Tent and Trailer have air conditioning and heating equipment. However, you’d better wear thick layers of clothing in the winter. Even in spring and summer, we recommend you to bring some outfit for cold weather. Also, in order to go back and forth between your accommodation and deck, you may want to bring sandals so that you can easily put them on and off.

Can I spend a comfortable time making BBQs even if it rains?

The deck has gazebo installed with plastic door curtains. On a rainy day or a windy day, you can pull them and enjoy the BBQ comfortably. If needed, we rent umbrellas and raincoats.

Can I bring my pets?

In March 2019, we are going to open dog-friendly accommodations. You can enjoy your stay together with your dog there. For more information,, please check Updates at Home tag.

Are there bugs?

Since the venue is in the mountain and is surrounded by trees, there are bugs. We stock bug repellent sprays and mosquito coils.

Is there any convenience store near the site?

There is a Lawson at a distance of 5 mins by car.

Can I use the internet?

You can use free Wi-Fi in the entire site.

About our facilities

Are there restrooms?

Trailer type accommodation has its own restroom. As for Tent type accommodation, guests can use the restroom in Management House. Click here to see detail.

Are there baths?

Yes, there are. Our public spa is divided into three sections: for Men, for Women and Family Private Bath. 。Click here to see detail.
Regarding the Family Private Bath, you can reserve its usage after the check-in. However, in case you accompany disabled persons or infants, and will need to use private bath out of necessity, we will accept your reservation in advance by phone.

Can I play with fireworks?

You are allowed to do only handheld fireworks at Campfire Area. You can bring them and you can purchase them at the Front Desk.

Are there smoking area?

It is located at the side of the Management House. Except that location, smoking is not allowed in the entire Ufufu Village. We ask for your kind understanding and cooperation.

Can I use the internet?

You can use free Wi-Fi in the entire site.

Do you have laundry service?

No, we do not provide laundry service. However, each deck is equipped with a water faucet. There you can wash your swimwear.

About children

I have a baby. Can I stay?

Infants less than 3 years of age are only allowed to stay in Trailer type accommodation. We have Diaper Changing Station. We rent kid’s wear, kid’s cutlery and baby bathtub. If you need them, please let us know. If you accompany baby or little children, you can reserve Family Private Bath prior to your visit by phone.

I have a baby. Can I preferentially reserve Family Private Bath?

Yes, you can. When you reserve accommodation, please call us and notify us of it.

Which age and above is no longer free of charge?

Accommodation is free for preschool children. If they need foods, we charge 3,000 JPN per child and provide the same menu as school children. Please make reservation with ‘infant, meal only’.


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